Coventry Canal Society logo.

1957 - Coventry Canal Society founded 

“During the rebuilding programme, after the second world war, the Coventry city council put forward a plan that surrounded a modern traffic free centre with a ring road. This new road was to be built across the canal, which unlike the old medieval city centre and cathedral had survived the blitz.

Local members of the I.W.A. including David Hutchins, who worked for the council and Bert Dunkley, a local canal enthusiast, started campaigning to save the canal.

The I.W.A. supported this campaign and held its National Rally in the Coventry basin. The event attracted a large number of boats and thousands of visitors to the rally site. This interest in the canal was harnessed by the formation of the Coventry Canal Society with Bert Dunkley as its first chairman.”

The aims and objectives of the society are:

  1. To promote and encourage in all possible ways, the proper use and the maintenance in good order of the Coventry Canal and its connecting waterways.
  2. To protect the interests of the canal and to develop the potentialities of the canal and adjoining areas.
  3. To hold such meetings as are necessary, support and co-operate with other organisations and individuals concerned with the conservation and improvement of inland waterways.