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for CV-based artists and arts organisations… 

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RSx is our creative development programme,  giving access to high quality production equipment as well as training sessions for CV-based artists and arts organisations. This equipment will enable artists to to experiment and promote themselves –  presenting demos of their craft and making processes, workshops, music videos, drama productions and live performances. 

Artists – across all art forms – need help to embrace digital content creation in ways that makes sense for their work. Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership have recognised that Ludic Rooms are in a unique position to support the local creative community and with their support, we have been able to purchase a package of professional live streaming and 360 video equipment to facilitate this. 

This is an opportunity for artists and makers to get hands on and learn new skills. We want to support people to try new things, to experiment and play. 

Here’s what’s available…

did we mention it’s free?

live streaming

Broadcast yourself directly into hands and homes using platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live and Twitch. Different setups are available to support everything from smartphone-based solo streams to a multicamera studio-in-a-box. All the kits contain everything you’ll need, from wireless microphones, mixers and lighting to auto-tracking robotic tripods. Don’t worry. That sounds more complicated than it is.

360 video

In traditional film and video, you watch the action through an edited series of different camera shots and angles. In 360 video, the audience takes control, and has the freedom to look all around them. 360 video can be experienced using a Virtual Reality headset or by dragging your cursor around the playback window on a service like YouTube. For the super adventurous, some of our 360 cameras can live stream in 360 too!

case study:

Marius Mates

Breakdance – 360 Video

“What I’ve really enjoyed about the 360 camera is that it’s pretty compact and small and you can take it around with you anywhere…it has been such a great experience and it allowed me to change the way I think about capturing movement”