It’s been our busiest Summer yet, with all the different strands of this years Random String programme building artworks, skills, and communities for the past few months in and around the Coventry Canal. A huge thank you to everyone who came and got involved with the Landlocked workshops, both online and locally, with Juneau Projects; to everyone who came out to play and explore on Friday afternoons with Roam + Dwell in the Canal Basin; and to all the artists who have worked with us during Nest Residencies and The Art of Place. 

Now, as the Summer draws to a close, all roads (or towpaths) lead to Random String Festival this November. From the 11th-14th we’ll be bringing light, sound and projections to a stretch of the canal, following a 1km trail that winds along the towpaths and ends in the Canal Basin. We invite you to venture along the waterside and explore artworks that transform the waterway and our sense of place.

This year’s theme is Future Folk, and we’re exploring new kinds of folklore and rituals for life by the water in the 21st Century.  Discover the future creatures of the urban canal, gods and goddesses of the waterways, and new kinds of folk-tales. We’re also exploring the past and future ecologies of the canal corridor and inviting people to think about what it means to be by the water in the most landlocked city in the country.

Venture out into the midwinter darkness and join us for a special moment in our City of Culture year.