future folk r&d

Future Folk is a series of collaborative R&D projects in which Ludic Rooms invite artists to explore common themes in folk cultures across Coventry’s diverse communities, to imagine what a new folk culture of the 21st Century might look like.

Looking back at the narratives, rituals and iconography of past traditions, Future Folk will consider what we reinvent and reimagine to help us face the challenges of contemporary life. Folklore traditions often emanate from a pre-industrial, rural world view and are deeply connected to natural phenomena and cyclical patterns of life; seasonal change, life and death, light and dark, love and loss.

These projects will respond to the canal and postdigital city and explore what folk culture means in an urban, pluralistic society, imagining forward-looking new folk traditions for Coventry.

Confirmed Artists


Singer, electronic rock- sitarist, producer, and performer BISHI was born in London of Bengali heritage. BISHI has written and released two albums and five EP’s on her own label Gryphon Records to critical acclaim. Her most recent single ‘Don’t Shoot The Messenger,’ was produced by Tony Visconti. Bishi works across disciplines and her collaborations & commissions have included The London Symphony Orchestra, The Kronos Quartet, Yoko Ono’s Meltdown, Sean Ono Lennon, The Science Gallery (UK), and an ASVOFF fashion film award with designer Manish Arora. BISHI is the founder of WITCiH: The Women in Technology Creative Industries Hub, elevating the voices of Women in Tech.


Frederic Aranda

Blending the rituals of the natural world with the journey and arrival stories of Coventry people, Bishi’s immersive audiovisual performance on the water will bring poetic spectacle, wonder and imagination to Coventry Canal Basin.


Ling Tan is a UK based multidisciplinary artist working within the field of performance, social engagement, technology, citizen participation and politics. Originally trained as an architect, her work explores people’s interaction with the built environment through technology and our collective agency and responsibility in tackling complex issues surrounding our cities. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including Centre Pompidou (France), Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), Barbican (UK), HeK (Switzerland) and Wits Art Museum (South Africa).


Robin Hill

For Random String, Ling Tan will work with local communities to make sense of their collective relationship with the environment through the use of playful and performative technology across the murky waters of the Canal. 


Crewdson & Cevanne (aka Hugh Jones and Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian) are a modern day English folk duo creating an extraordinary sonic world by spinning together electronics and folk, blending their voices with harp and found sounds played on DIY electronic instruments. Crewdson & Cevanne were shortlisted for the BASCA British Composer Awards in 2018 and have featured on BBC Radio 3 ‘Open Ear’.


Floorshow/Jodie Cartman

For Random String, Crewdson & Cevanne will use field recordings and local stories to explore the canal and its towpaths, buildings and bridges, generating a new folk narrative for the waterway.


Sam Underwood is a musician, sound artist and musical instrument designer who aims to develop fresh interfaces with sound for both performer and audience.

Adie Blundell is a visual artist and landscape artist who has been producing mixed media work from his canalside Coventry studio for nearly 30 years. 


The artist

Hadyn Bailey

Through a new collaboration, Sam and Adie will respond to the theme of flooding to create a sonic watery contraption that enables audiences to explore and play with the canal in new ways.


Ideas of Noise is the meeting point of the practices of artist/musician Sarah Farmer and musician/composer Andrew Woodhead. Through a mixture of performance, installation, intervention and curation, IoN creates live and digital experiences which intersect the worlds of improv, electronica, sound art, noise, contemporary classical and experimental music.


In a new collaboration with Ludic Rooms and Random String, IoN will develop a score and performance for canals, inspired by the idiosyncrasies of everyday journeys. Using all parts of the waterway experience as instruments and performers, the new work will employ elements of music, sound, improvisation, myths and stories to explore and interrogate what the waterways have been, are now, and might become.