Ideas of ‘Future Folk’ run through every aspect of this years Random String. Co-Artistic Directors of Ludic Rooms, Dom Breadmore & Anne Forgan, sat down to talk about Coventry’s relationship with the water, think about how folk traditions endure in the modern world, and to share with audiences a little more about how this years festival came into being. 

“One of the biggest connecting factors is that idea of nature and the connectedness to nature, particularly in an urban environment and canals are this weird hinterland, interstitial thing between man-made and natural, right? So they are something that was made for an industrial purpose but now we treat them as green spaces or blue spaces and a way of engaging with nature. And so many of our folk traditions, and the folk traditions that we’ve explored in the past are all connected to that idea of us as humans making sense of the rhythms of the world, and our connectedness with the earth and the cycles of nature. So I think the water, particularly in a landlocked city like Coventry, is this vehicle for folklore and tradition and a connection through to nature. “  – Dom

You can watch the full interview on IGTV here.